Rick Genovese / David Riccardo
     Engraved "Persian" Lockback
* 7" Overall Length
* 4" Closed
* Blade - 3", CPM154, Genovese Etch,
* Frame - 416SS
* Inlays - Antique Tortoise Shell
* Comes In A Padded, Zippered Case .
* This Is Truly An Amazing Knife From Rick.
The   Workmanship Is Second To None.
The Engraving is by David Riccardo with a
Insane amount of 24k gold inlays  The
Combination of Rick And Davids work is
Truly Masterful !!
* This knife also comes with a picture book
Detailing the work, From the making of the knife
by Rick, and the engraving by David.

Rick Genovese / David Riccardo
  Engraved "Persian" Lockback