Chuck Gedraitis "Viking" Flipper Dagger &
David Riccardo Engraving
  • Overall Length - 9 3/8"
  • Closed - 5 3/8"
  • Blade - 4", 1095, Dagger Style With A Fantactic
Hamon that matches All The Way Around,
Integral Double Guard (It's A Flipper) With A
Lighting Smooth Action.
  • Bolsters - 416ss
  • Liners - Titanium With Bronze/Purple Anodizing,
Spacer Is Titanium.
  • Scales - Fantactic Matching Narly Stag With Great
Natural Color.
  • David Riccardo Engraving, 4th Century Viking
Lady Of The Beast
This remarkable 4th century Viking stone carving
from Sweden shows the Goddess in her rule of the
animals.   She squats in the birth position as
Creator of Life, holding two serpents, a symbol of
fertility.   The serpent-holding goddess is a well
-known figure, perhaps the most famous example
found in Crete.   Amazingly, three animals
above her form a large triple spiral, which has
long associations with Goddess sites, including
5000 year-old Newgrange. The animals are
the boar, which is earth; the bird, which is sky;
and the snake, which is water.   Thus, through
these symbols and imagery, she is tied to
all earthly creation.

  • Comes With Padded, Zippered Case
Chuck Gedraitis "Viking" Flipper Dagger &
David Riccardo Engraving